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Fly Compliant, LLC is the leader in regulatory compliance specializing in FAA requirements. Since 1998 Fly Compliant, LLC has been providing every level of service to include:
  • Part 121, Part 125, Part 135 Certification
  • Part 91 LOAs
  • RNP Authorization
  • EASA TCO Authorizations
  • RVSM Manuals
  • General Maintenance Manual
  • General Operations Manual
  • Minimum Equipment List
  • AMU OpSpecs B040
  • Polar Operations OpSpecs B055
  • Oceanic & PBN procedures.
  • Continually Evolving SMS
Pioneering the Industry
Polar Operations OpSpecs B055 to Part 135 Operators
With ultra-long-range aircraft with greater range such as the G650 and Global G6000 the need for polar routes needed to be available for 135 operators. OpSpecs B055 was not even available before we coordinated with FAA offices (Washington DC and the Van Nuys FSDO). We were the first to gain the authorization for 135 operators and paved the way for the industry.
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CAT II/CAT IIIb Authorization Part 125
When one of Boeing 767 part 125 operators needed lower authorization. We were able to work with the Houston FSDO to receive the first CAT IIIb for a part 125 aircraft. No other aircraft outside of 121 had this lower authorization before we were able to obtain the OpSpecs C060.
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SMS Manual and Data Collection System LevelFlight
Since 2002 Fly Compliant, LLC has been developing SMS processes and procedures. What we added was the ability to collect the data with proprietary software We created a software platform and manual system to reduce risks. LevelFlight continues to innovate and evolve as a pioneer platform in SMS.
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Electronic Records OpSpecs A025 for Part 135 at many FSDOs
Working together with LAX FSDO in 1995 we started building the platform that would become, offering OpSpecs A025. The guidance initially did not even afford 135 operators the ability to be issued OpSpecs A025 for electronic recordkeeping.
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Fly Compliant, LLC was the first to adapt a Safety Management System for managing a Continuous Airworthiness Surveillance System (CASS). We have successfully incorporated CASS into our LevelFlight SMS. CASS and SMS follow the same processes and LevelFlight tracks and manages maintenance events. By following FAA guidance we were able to provide a process to manage maintenance risk. The result FAA acceptance of our General Maintenance Manual CASS policies and procedures.
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Automated Risk Assessment (ARA)
As part of our continually evolving SMS we have developed and added to our flight release an objective Automated Risk Assessment (ARA). The ARA reviews all the associated data related to a flight release to include, aircraft status, airport factors (runway length and evaluation), pilots currency and rest along with weather. The ARA provides the company and pilots with an objective risk score at the time of departure. The benefits of the report is an easily understood risk assessment with an associated audit detailing the factors for deriving the score. Another benefit is a comprehensive threat briefing detailing the known risks for pilots, further enhancing safety.
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Products & Services
FAA Compliance Systems
We develop comprehensive compliance systems, designed to maintain operational legalities for 91, 125 and 135 operators. Our extensive understanding of regulations and your business, allows us to efficiently produce and maintain compliant FAA applications and manuals, allowing our Clients to focus on running their business and keeping their customers happy.
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Operations Management
Our proprietary software, LevelFlight, streamlines your operation with tools for: quoting, scheduling and flight log reporting; Flight crew certification and aircraft maintenance. LevelFlight helps cut time and lower costs for domestic and international requirements. Your Manuals are stored in the cloud for real-time Pilot access before each flight.
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FAA & EASA Compliance
Fly Compliant, LLC has worked closely with EU regulators to provide the latest guidance and Ramp Inspection Program requirements. We have incorporated many of the Aeronautical Information Publication requirements from EASA regulations and ICAO standards in our international manual. Our international seminar provides the latest operational standards for FAA and EASA compliance.
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Certification Services
Fly Compliant offers a unique certification service enabled by unmatched FAA and industry expertise:
  • FAA Part 125 and 135 Certification Services
  • International Operations Including AMU and Polar.
  • Analytics and Data Management
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Safety Management Services
Fly Compliant offers a safety management service enabled by unmatched FAA and industry expertise:
  • Minimum Equipment Lists
  • RVSM Manuals
  • General Operations Manual
  • General Maintenance Manual
  • Training Programs
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Latest news
Fly Compliant prides itself on always being the subject matter expert when it comes to aviation safety and regulatory compliance and continues to inspire an industry with its invention, commitment to safety and devotion to an evolving sector. View the latest developments in the fulfillment of that mission.
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