Standardized Training Course

5 Core Training Modules

High Level Training Summary

119 Training
Learning the processes and procedures of being a 119 manager.
SMS Training
Risk Management approach to operations.
135 Ground Training
Operators using the Fly Compliant system will be trained to meet the latest standards.
International Training
A standardized approach to all operations with international differences.
SOP Training
Standardization is critical for crews to operate efficiently and safely.
119 Training Module
This training is designed for part 119 managers and personnel that interface with the FAA. A benefit of this training is providing guidance on how to work efficiently with regulators and understanding regulations to maintain compliance.
Training includes:
  • Maintaining Compliance
  • Interpreting Regulations
  • Latest Guidance and Best Practices for managers.
  • Record Keeping & Manuals
  • OpSpecs Applications
SMS Training Module
The SMS training enable SMS managers to understand the regulatory standards including EASA requirements. SMS training provides an understanding of the safety attributes and how to implement a Safety Management System. As part of the foundation of SMS the number of controls and processes within a SMS system to enable company personnel to complete risk mitigation and assessment.
Training includes:
  • SMS Part 5 and EASA Standards
  • SMS Policies and Procedures (Manuals)
  • Root Cause Analysis & Assessment
  • Safety Performance Indicators and Targets
  • Risk Profile Register
135 Ground Training Module
Fly Compliant is providing a standardized method of completing required ground training, Operator Specific elements, including Basic Indoctrination and Recurrent Training. Operators using the Fly Compliant training program will benefit from this course with an in-depth review of the key regulatory requirements.
Training include:
  • Aircraft Performance and Airport Analysis
  • OpSpecs
  • Duties and Responsibilities
  • Company Manuals 135.23 Requirements
  • Applicable Regulatory Requirements 119 and 135
International Training Module
International Training provides pilots with the necessary knowledge and preparation to conduct safe operations using International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and international SOPs. The training focuses on the latest procedures associated with flying internationally.
Training includes:
  • Trip planning
  • Flight planning
  • Navigation
  • Enroute and terminal Procedures
  • Common errors
SOP Training Module
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are the foundation to flying safely. By adherence to company SOPs operators will ensure efficiency and situation awareness. SOP training details the procedures for all flights (domestic and international). SOPs are the foundation for any size operation.
Training includes:
  • Pilot Procedures
  • Situational Awareness
  • Aeronautical Decision Making
  • SOPs During Non-Normal
  • Pilot Flying and Non-Flying Pilot Duties
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