Safety Board

Assessing Risk. Developing Standards.

The Mission
Fly Compliant, LLC has assembled a Safety Board from our diverse user group. We have included business professional as well as safety experts to participate. As a group the board analyzes SMS data from LevelFlight then determines a plan of action and follow-up.
The benefit of the board is as a group acting to address safety standards to determine SOPs and changes to training. The board proactively develops a risk-profile from assessing risk for each phase of flight. The result is forward looking risk assessment for all users.
The ultimate objective of the board is to determine the effectiveness of the SMS processes. Annually the board will determine the effectiveness of the SMS by examining past years events, then set the Goals and Objectives for the user group over the following year.
Safety Board Members
Michael Origel: Title | Company |
Michael Origel
Fly Compliant, LLC
Founder, Managing Executive
Rick Bags: Title | Company |
Rick Battaglini
Safety Board
Chief Financial Officer
John Burton: Title | Company |
John Burton
American Airlines
Chief Pilot/Check Airman, Safety Board Flight Standards
Marty Dyer: Title | Company |
Marty Dyer
Director of Operations
Leviate Air Group
Brent Meldonan: Title | Company |
Brent Meldonan
Director of Managed Services
Mayo Aviation
Erik Neiderman: Title | Company |
Erik Neiderman
Director of Operations
STA Jets
Rick Bags: Title | Company |
Paul Rodsjo
Director of Operations
Global Air Charter
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